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Top 5 Things to Bring With You to An Interview

BY: admin | November 2, 2018

Of all the adjectives to describe how you may feel walking into an interview, there is one modifier that you definitely do not want to attached to your name: unprepared.

Feeling unprepared can lead to other parallel emotions such as nervousness, timidness, and fear – all of which are not ideal for a smooth interview.

If you want your interview to be focused on what you bring to the table rather than what you don’t have at the table, make sure to bring these five things along.

Hard Copy of Your Resume

Given that your resume is often the reason why you were given the chance to interview, you always want your interviewer to have visibility to the qualifications that initially peaked her/his interest.  Don’t make the assumption that they will have a printed copy of your resume when you arrive.


The end goal of an interview is to have conveyed why you are the best fit for the position, it is not to have established what exactly it is that you’re hoping to fit in to.  Do your homework on the company, position and industry so that you are not wasting valuable time trying to wrap your head around the fundamentals of the business and role.

List of Questions

Having done your research, write out a list of questions that will give you deeper insight into their goals and expectations.  Having prepared questions beforehand, you will have time to think about ways you can reinforce your key attributes against a myriad of responses they may give.


Most interviewers will not only want to hear from you before they make their decision, they will also want to speak with others who can verify your background.  A list of references in hand will not only show your preparedness, but will also speed up the process to a final decision by not having to wait for you to pull your list together.


Your confidence in who you are, your background, and what you have to offer moving forward will in turn make an interviewer feel confident in their final decision to deliver an offer to you.  And if you have come prepared with everything else on this list, this should come naturally.