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Three Classic Reads for the Modern Executive

BY: admin | August 9, 2018

Most high-level professionals find themselves engulfed in managing people, business and not investing much time into themselves. Learning should continue into the c-suite roles for growth personally and professionally. Here are three great books to begin the journey to being a better leader.

1.) Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – By: Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves

Numbers seem to be the highlight of Finance and Accounting professionals, rightly so, but that doesn’t mean people skills don’t have an equal spot in the office. Knowing how to hone in on emotional intelligence and apply it to your business could be vital to whether there is a successful outcome or not. This book tells you the ins and outs of how to obtain the emotional intelligence so many professionals are missing.

2.) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – By: Stephen R. Covey

Though this book is over 10 years old, the lessons in the text seem to teach timeless lessons. Covey teaches readers how to tackle both personal and professional issues, because he realizes sometimes they intertwine. Whether you feel off track or looking are for more guidance this book is the one for you.

3.) Good to Great: Why some companies Make the Leap and Other Don’t – By: Jim Collins

This book answers the questions from Built to Last about how the greats become the greats. Not every company is born great, but there are ways to climb up the ladder from good to great, much like the title says. Not only does this book build you up, but it shows you how to sustain what you build along the way.