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Strategies for Maximizing Your HR Team’s Time

BY: admin | January 23, 2019

Make Most Of Your HR Teams Time With Staffing And Recruiting in Chicago From Marco and Associatess


As companies continue to compete for accounting and finance talent to join their teams,  many HR professionals are finding that a significant amount of time is being spent trying to find and attract talent.  Try out some of the below tips so that your HR team can maximize their time and keep future hiring on track.


Create Flexibility in Your Staffing Plan

Because your business demands continue to change, you need flexibility in your staffing plan. Since workloads rise and fall throughout the year, not every increase needs to be handled by hiring an employee. Today’s employers are finding it beneficial to utilize consultants in order to balance their workforce needs.  Knowing your temporary staffing requirements provides you access to expert accountants who specialize in your area. Rather than spending weeks or months finding the right workers on your own, utilize a staffing and recruiting firm to receive qualified accounting professionals to keep projects and daily productivity on track. When projects are completed, you can thank the workers for their time and return to business as usual.


Stand Out Among Potential Hires

Since temporary staff have adequate time to evaluate company culture, their role within the business, work environment, colleagues and other relevant information, they can better determine whether they see themselves working for you full time if an opportunity arose. With all of the companies available to top-level accountants, your business needs every advantage it can get to gain a competitive edge. Even if a temporary worker is not interested in long-term employment, they may know qualified accountants who are.


Effectively Onboard Interim Accountants

Building positive working relationships among your full-time employees and temporary staff results in increased productivity. Have a manager greet interim accountants upon arrival and show them to their workspace. Introduce the temporary workers to colleagues as you provide an office tour. Review the company’s mission statement, values, goals and strategic objectives. Supply an organizational chart with names, email addresses and phone numbers for key contacts in accounting, finance and other departments. Share insight into company culture, including volunteer activities and company events interim accountants may participate in. Set clear expectations with project details, deadlines, communication preferences and other pertinent information. Emphasize collaboration to build trust among colleagues. Regularly follow up with temporary workers to answer questions, provide resources and offer feedback on their work. Celebrate successes as they occur.


Partner With Marco Management Solutions

Maximize your HR team’s time by partnering with Marco Management Solutions. A division of Marco & Associates, Chicagoland’s leading accounting and finance recruiting and consulting boutique, we specialize in the placement of accounting, and program and project management professionals on a project, interim and consulting basis. Contact Marco today to discuss your organization’s staffing needs.