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What Are the Benefits of Working With Temp Accounting Talent?

BY: Clique Studios | January 14, 2019

Temp Accounting Staffing Recruiting in Chicago


When working with temp accounting talent, your company saves time and money by gaining on-demand access to fit your business needs. Knowing where to quickly find qualified professionals with the necessary expertise to reach company goals keeps your business productive.


Fill Staffing Needs

Working with temp accountants means keeping your staffing needs filled. Whether taking on a special project, facing a spike in business or needing specialized skills, your company receives the qualified accounting professionals needed to prosper. Because you avoid spending time and money on recruiting the right candidate, work seamlessly continues.


Gain Access to On-Demand Talent

In our current competitive talent market, there continues to be a shortage of highly qualified accounting professionals. Bringing aboard temp accountants provides your business with the technical skills needed to cover staffing gaps, complete projects and reach strategic objectives.


Increase Productivity

Because they are used to diving into new job responsibilities, work environments and company cultures, temps accountants quickly adapt to new colleagues and expectations. Temp accounting staff ask key questions, determine how to proceed, and get results. They ask for feedback and implement more effective methods to complete their work.



Because they have the expertise needed to complete projects, you know whom to turn to when new challenges arise. Temporary accountants may be more willing to work with you on future projects, freeing up time for other goals. They may even be interested in full-time employment if an opportunity came up. If not, temp accounts may refer other seasoned professionals to your business.


Become a Choice Employer

When talented accountants share their experiences working with your business, other professionals learn about your culture, work environment, employees and other offerings that make you stand out from the competition. With the shortage of qualified accountants, your business benefits from recommendations.


Choose Marco Management Solutions

At Marco & Associates, Chicago’s leading accounting and finance recruiting and consulting boutique, we connect small startups, not-for-profits, and large corporations with the temp accounting talent they need. For more information, get in touch with Marco today.


Talent Management Series: Your Reputation Is the Key to Attraction and Retention

BY: Clique Studios | January 11, 2019

Attract and Retain Top Accounting and Finance Talent in Chicago


With the ongoing shortage of qualified accounting and finance professionals, recruiting and retaining employees continue to be challenging. As positions open, competition for top talent will be even tighter. To combat the shortage, your company’s reputation can be the key to attracting and retaining the best accounting and finance talent.


Improved Hiring Process

Top talent typically receives multiple job offers and may be lost to a competitor within 10 days of looking for a job. Keep in mind that no candidate will possess every skill and qualification you are looking for. Hire for coachability, emotional intelligence, temperament, motivation and cultural fit; skills can be taught on the job. Let candidates interview you as well, so they know whether they are interested in continuing with the hiring process. Keep desired candidates informed about which stage you are in. Top finance and accounting professionals will appreciate the fact your business moves quickly on making decisions. They want an employer who values forward movement, especially in employee career paths.


Competitive Compensation Package

Accounting and finance professionals take a holistic view when deciding which employer to work for. When evaluating suitable compensation, know what attributes you are looking for and the nature of your business. Ensure your compensation strategy is different for each potential hire, tailored to meet market demand, aligned with your business needs and goals, and created with the lifecycle of the employee in mind. Remember to include base salary, bonuses and reimbursements along with flexible benefits such as health insurance, a retirement plan, vacation days, car allowance, and personal development support. Plus, offer perks such as a flexible schedule, remote work or wellness programs.


Learning and Development

Engaged employees with clear opportunities for job progression remain with your business longer. Finance and accounting professionals need to continuously update their skills due to rapidly changing roles and project requirements. To maintain speed, flexibility and innovation, you need to offer on-demand agile learning platforms that provide relevant content updated in real time. Methods should be adapted to employees’ learning styles and unique needs so they absorb the information better.


Company Reviews

Highly skilled finance and accounting candidates want insider information about the employers they may work for. Salary estimates, interview tips and reviews from current and former employees on sites such as Glassdoor are especially important. Be sure to maintain your company profile, share updates on your culture and work environment, and respond positively to negative reviews.


Find Highly Skilled Accounting and Finance Professionals in Chicagoland

The expert recruiters at Marco & Associates will find the experienced finance and accounting professionals you need. Contact Marco today.


The Beginning of the Year Is a Great Time to Find a New Accounting Job

BY: Clique Studios | January 9, 2019

2019 Accounting Job Chicago


As the excitement of the holiday season has come to an end, you may be taking time to reflect on the past year and consider what you would like to accomplish in 2019.  If one of your goals is to explore new career opportunities, then you’re in luck!  The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take action and start your search for a new accounting job, and here’s why:


Typical Hiring Trends

Demand for new hires tends to be greatest during the first quarter, with executive hiring in especially high demand. Many employees take their year-end bonus and vacation days in December, and then resign. Hiring managers come back after the holiday season and are available for interviews. Newly created roles start along with fiscal budgets, sales forecasts and company goals. Changes in market conditions and industries, roles unexpectedly opening up, and other elements may provide a variety of employment opportunities.


Need for Seasoned Talent

As experienced accountants retire, they take their knowledge, skills and experience with them. New accountants lack the industry knowledge and career development necessary to replace those employees. Combined with millennials’ desire to change companies every few years, executive-level accountants are in even greater demand.


Preparation for Your Job Search

The first quarter is a great time to network. People tend to have more time available to connect and are more relaxed. Also, you can follow your targeted companies on social media to get a sense of their hiring practices and timelines. You may be able to find a pattern or reach out to an employee about hiring cycles. Plus, you can stay updated on company announcements that may indicate potential openings, such as an expansion, a new product line or additional capital funding. Be sure to update your resume with your core skills, top achievements and most recent work experience, so you are ready to apply when an opening comes up.


Land Your Next Accounting Job in the Chicago Area

Find your next accounting job with the experienced recruiters at Marco & Associates. Our vast network of client companies can help you find your next role in the Chicago area.


3 Essential ERP Implementation Best Practices for 2019

BY: Clique Studios | January 3, 2019

ERP Implementation Specialist


The new year will bring additional changes to your business processes. Some of those changes may involve ERP implementation. Here are three ERP implementation best practices your business will want to adopt.


1. Implementing Two-Tier Digital Transformation

With the increasing focus on digital transformation, two-tier ERP implementation approaches will be more popular. Because one software solution or vendor cannot deliver the necessary innovative capabilities, more businesses will benefit from multiple systems for various functions. A larger system will be run at the corporate level and smaller system at the plant, division or subsidiary level. For example, a parent company may implement SAP S/4HANA, Oracle Cloud ERP or other standardized back-office system while divisions may implement more customer-facing systems aligned with their culture and needs. The business can enhance global operations, respond to location or region-specific business needs, maintain an existing legacy ERP system, and provide business units the ability to use ERP systems. Implementing two-tier ERP solutions will result in reduced costs, increased efficiency, comprehensive business functionality, easily configurable performance and improved employee performance.


2. Adopting Cloud ERP

More businesses will be moving from on-premise ERP to cloud-based ERP. Software vendors and the ERP industry are investing significant funds in their SaaS products and services in anticipation of more global implementation. Users may access software applications that run on shared computing resources such as processing power, memory and disk storage through the internet. The resources will be maintained in remote data centers dedicated to hosting different applications on a variety of platforms. Since computer resources are leased monthly rather than purchased and maintained on premises, and a company can quickly scale its business productivity software as the company grows, there will be lower upfront costs.


3. Holding ERP System Integrators Accountable for Results

Intentionally or not, many integrators have been rigging clients’ digital transformations. Because a system implementation requires changes in various business processes, an overhaul of data management and reporting functionality, and a significant change management effort, companies face additional costs and time constraints when ERP implementation fails. Additional consulting help is needed to ensure ERP go-live is on time, the project is on budget, business needs are met, and the team is properly trained and supported. Due to the high number of ERP implementation failures, more companies will use independent third parties to manage the integrators and hold them accountable.


Find an ERP Consultant With a Leading Chicago Staffing Agency

Are you looking for an ERP Implementation Specialist in the Chicago area? Reach out to the staffing experts at Marco & Associates today.


BY: Clique Studios | December 18, 2018


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Highlights: November Employment Situation

BY: Clique Studios | December 12, 2018


The Bureau of Labor & Statistics reports an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in November, which is unchanged from the prior month.

Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 155,000 in November, 2018.  The industries to receive the most job gains were healthcare (+32,000), manufacturing (+27,000),  transportation and warehousing (+25,000), and retail trade (+18,000).

The unemployment rate of adult women (3.4%) and adult men (3.3%) remained mostly unchanged from the prior month.

Unemployment among long-term unemployed (those who have been unemployed for 27+ weeks) declined by 120,000 and accounted for 20.8% of the unemployed.

Average hourly earnings rose by $0.06 to $27.35.  The average workweek decreased by 0.1 hour to 34.4 hours.

Click here for full report.


Highlights: October Employment Situation

BY: Clique Studios | November 8, 2018


The Bureau of Labor & Statistics reports an unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in October, which is unchanged from the prior month.

Nonfarm payroll employment rose by 250,000 in October, 2018.  The industries to receive the most job gains were healthcare (+36,000), manufacturing (+32,000), construction (+30,000), and in transportation and warehousing (+25,000).

The unemployment rate of adult women (3.5%) and adult men (3.4%) remained mostly unchanged from the prior month.

Unemployment among long-term unemployed (those who have been unemployed for 27+ weeks) accounted for 22.5% of the unemployed.

Average hourly earnings rose by $0.05 to $27.30.  The average workweek remained unchanged at 34.5 hours.

Click here for full report.


Top 5 Things to Bring With You to An Interview

BY: Clique Studios | November 2, 2018

Of all the adjectives to describe how you may feel walking into an interview, there is one modifier that you definitely do not want to attached to your name: unprepared.

Feeling unprepared can lead to other parallel emotions such as nervousness, timidness, and fear – all of which are not ideal for a smooth interview.

If you want your interview to be focused on what you bring to the table rather than what you don’t have at the table, make sure to bring these five things along.

Hard Copy of Your Resume

Given that your resume is often the reason why you were given the chance to interview, you always want your interviewer to have visibility to the qualifications that initially peaked her/his interest.  Don’t make the assumption that they will have a printed copy of your resume when you arrive.


The end goal of an interview is to have conveyed why you are the best fit for the position, it is not to have established what exactly it is that you’re hoping to fit in to.  Do your homework on the company, position and industry so that you are not wasting valuable time trying to wrap your head around the fundamentals of the business and role.

List of Questions

Having done your research, write out a list of questions that will give you deeper insight into their goals and expectations.  Having prepared questions beforehand, you will have time to think about ways you can reinforce your key attributes against a myriad of responses they may give.


Most interviewers will not only want to hear from you before they make their decision, they will also want to speak with others who can verify your background.  A list of references in hand will not only show your preparedness, but will also speed up the process to a final decision by not having to wait for you to pull your list together.


Your confidence in who you are, your background, and what you have to offer moving forward will in turn make an interviewer feel confident in their final decision to deliver an offer to you.  And if you have come prepared with everything else on this list, this should come naturally.



Are Staffing Firms Worth The Extra Cost For Businesses?

BY: Clique Studios | October 29, 2018

For those companies you have never used a third-party resource to assist with their hiring needs, they inevitably ask one question: “Is it worth it?”

With the average fee for a placement by a staffing firm being between 20-30% of the base salary, it may seem like a fairly large fee at first but it is important to consider what it is you are paying for.

We’ve put together a quick infographic highlighting a few of the advantages of working with a staffing firm and will let you make the determination if the cost is worth it for yourself!


If you would like more information on how we can work with your team to satisfy your hiring needs, please give us a call at 312.546.9800.


Chicago Fall Networking Events 2018

BY: Clique Studios | October 12, 2018

The phrase “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” rings true in many instances. In the business world we find that it’s a strong mixture of both. Whether you’re just embarking on your career in the industry or are a well-seasoned executive, there are benefits to meeting intelligent professionals in your field. To save you time on a search, we’ve gathered a few great networking and social events in the industry for the fall in the Chicagoland area.

October 18th – FEI Chicago October Dinner Meeting

Network with fellow professionals during a cocktail hour then enjoy a talk from entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman on how to leave your own legacy and how to be a part of the legacy your employees leave.

October 18th –  Young Professional Networking @ Emporium Arcade

 Join fellow young professionals for a night of networking and arcade games. Food, Tokens, and an Open Bar are all included with your registration fee!

November 8th – IIA Chicago Fall Networking Event

Join internal audit industry peers for this invigorating event and hear from a host of IIA Chicago Chapter Board members, NextGen Committee members and other volunteers, on the chapters activities, events, volunteering and networking opportunities! Drinks and appetizers provided. 

November 13th – 8th Annual Chicago CFO of the Year Awards

FEI Chicago invites you to the 8th Annual Chicago CFO of the Year® Awards with the “Who’s Who” of Chicago finance. Join the FEI Chicago Chapter to mingle and network with Chicago’s C-Suite, while recognizing exceptional performance of Chicago’s financial professionals in their roles as corporate stewards.

 December 5th – ICPAS Member Town Hall Forum

Join Rose Cammarata, CPA, CGMA, Chair of the ICPAS Board of Directors and Todd Shapiro, ICPAS President & CEO for an engaging conversation on the most recent happenings within our profession and a view of what lies ahead.