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Company Culture Series: Why Does Learning & Development Help You Retain Top Talent?

BY: admin | March 7, 2019



Hiring an accounting or finance professional shows a firm investment in both their career and your business. Because you spent a significant amount of resources on attracting the professional, you want to maximize the impact they have on your business. Part of getting the biggest return on your investment involves learning and development. Employees who are continuously growing remain engaged, productive, and loyal to the organization. By providing ongoing learning and development opportunities, accounting and finance professionals will benefit your business longer.


Soft Skills

Highly skilled accounting and finance professionals want to continually develop their soft skills. Developing soft skills improves future employability. Leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management are among the top skills they focus on. Courses for developing soft skills are available on a variety of learning platforms. Employees who see your interest in their growth and success know that you value their contributions and decide to work for you longer.



Many seasoned accounting and finance professionals prefer micro-learning over attending seminars to develop their skills. Seminars typically take up a significant amount of time and often unload more information than can be processed at one time. Attending seminars during a workday takes away time for productivity in other areas. Plus, learning required during lunch or after work hours gives the perception of not respecting employees’ boundaries or need for personal time. In contrast, offering micro-learning provides opportunities to learn in small time increments that fit into employees’ schedules. With busy lives and shorter attention spans, employees are better able to process and assimilate information into their work performance. They also remain motivated to achieve their full potential.

Having flexible learning opportunities shows your interest in employees’ professional growth and encourages them to remain loyal.


Manager Involvement

Experienced accounting and finance professionals are more likely to participate in courses suggested by a manager. Although managers typically are busy taking care of more immediate challenges, they need to understand that developing their team is in their best interest. Because employees stay engaged when they are learning, they continue working for their employer. To encourage manager involvement, circulate success stories about managers encouraging employee learning. Work with managers on incorporating learning into the workday. Encourage managers to discuss during performance reviews which skills an employee wants to learn, then assign appropriate courses.


Learning as Part of Company Culture

Top accounting and finance talent look for a company that integrates learning and development into its culture. Being offered training opportunities to develop skills and knowledge is an important factor in what makes a choice employer. Being able to gain the experience, leadership, and other elements needed to advance in the organization encourages employees to work for the company longer.


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