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Company Culture Series: Your Core Values Should Influence Your Hiring Practices

BY: admin | March 15, 2019


Both people and companies operate based on their core values. Because people make decisions and take action in line with what is most important to them, a company’s core values significantly influence how outsiders view the business. When an organization consistently displays its core values, it builds trust among its customer base. The business also retains engaged, productive workers for a longer time. All of these factors contribute to business growth. Follow these guidelines to incorporate your company’s core values into your hiring practices.


Build Company Culture Around Core Values

Create culture around your company’s core values. The employees you hire, rules you create, and ways you conduct business all need to reflect what is most important to your organization. To determine your culture, start by meeting with employees to discuss personal core values like integrity, self-discipline, and commitment. Then, write down your company’s mission and top performers. Discuss which core values are most in line with your mission and exhibited by your best workers. Write down those values and establish them in your business. Include your core values on your website, social media, and other digital platforms. Make sure core values are practiced by every employee every day and used to guide business decisions. Use your core values to set rules, lead employees, and interact with customers. Include your core values when setting business hours, determining employee benefits, and communicating with customers. Clarify core values in your employee handbook, when setting employee expectations, and during onboarding and training. Make your core values obvious in your meetings, monthly newsletters, and business practices. Update your core values as your company grows.


Include Core Values in Your Recruiting Process

Incorporate your company’s core values into the recruiting process. For instance, include your values in each job description. Display them in your sourcing methods and screening process. Center interview questions around your core values. Hire candidates who demonstrate behavior in line with them. Include your values in job offers and the onboarding process. Determine your effectiveness at communicating core values by asking employees whether a job posting feels authentic to their experience. If so, the candidates you interview are more likely to match those values.


Create Values-Based Interview Questions

Ask candidates behavioral and situational interview questions based on the company’s core values. Determine how candidates may react in given situations to understand how they solve problems, collaborate, and learn. Because past behavior often predicts future behavior, you can better determine whether a candidate shares your values. Ensure you ask candidates the same questions to get a better feel for who best fits with company culture and is likely to be successful in a role.


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