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Career Opportunities

Finance Process Control Senior Analyst

Job Number:102393
Job Location:North Suburbs, IL
Job Type:Permanent
Job Degree:Bachelor of Arts
Job Post Date:03/31/2019


Our client, located in the northern suburbs, is seeking a Finance Process Control Senior Analyst to join their growing team. The role will report to the Manager of Financial Controls and be mainly responsible for managing technology, process improvement, and/or organization design endeavors needed by the finance organization; collaborates with functional leaders, IT team members, and external people to deliver successful results; evaluates efforts and shares learning’s; coaches and mentors peers and team members on ways to deliver project results.



  • Ensures delivery of strategic Finance-based initiatives:
    • Validates goals and gains agreement to how to measure results.
    • Structures change management/adoption approach.
    • Validates governance structure.
    • Partners with internal and external resources needed for initiatives.
    • Contributes ideas to the technical, process improvement, and organizational design solutions.
  • Serves as the Product Owner to the Company’s Finance Data Strategy & Management.
    • Responsible for maximizing the results of all technical changes/enhancements/fixes to a specific solution/application (i.e., FDM).
    • Leads implementation of data governance operations model, and ultimately manages this area.
    • Analyzes functional (project) data in order to develop ideas, approaches, and strategies for solutions.
    • Constantly manages priorities for what needs to happen next with technical changes.
  • Acts as data domain steward.
    • Liaisons and collaborates with other functions that use Finance data.
    • Sets data strategy and manages Finance Enterprise Data Model needs
    • Applies knowledge of Finance measures and reporting in order to manage financial data domain – documenting data classification rules, compliance rules, and business rules for data in financial domain.
    • Responsible for vision of management of financial data management application/solution.
  • Participates in Strategic Roadmap Planning for the Finance organization, as related to Product Owner/Data Stewardship responsibilities.
  • Distributes knowledge/experience throughout the finance organization, and the Company:
    • Participates in cross-functional initiative reviews.
    • Develops and delivers training and/or business-focused methodologies to finance team (e.g., adoption, change management).
    • Builds relationships with internal and external people to continue to learn and share knowledge.
    • Participates in cross-functional committees/teams to continue to learn and contribute ideas, approaches, tactics, and strategies.
    • Creates artifacts, white papers, decks, articles to share within the Company.


- Bachelor's degree with 7 years of data analytics/data management, business analysis, and/or program management experience in technology, process improvement, and/or organization design initiatives

- Solid, current technical knowledge of how to establish structure to support successful initiatives including technical development life cycles, process improvement and organization design best practices, and change management strategies.