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The Beginning of the Year Is a Great Time to Find a New Accounting Job

BY: admin | January 9, 2019

2019 Accounting Job Chicago


As the excitement of the holiday season has come to an end, you may be taking time to reflect on the past year and consider what you would like to accomplish in 2019.  If one of your goals is to explore new career opportunities, then you’re in luck!  The beginning of the year is the perfect time to take action and start your search for a new accounting job, and here’s why:


Typical Hiring Trends

Demand for new hires tends to be greatest during the first quarter, with executive hiring in especially high demand. Many employees take their year-end bonus and vacation days in December, and then resign. Hiring managers come back after the holiday season and are available for interviews. Newly created roles start along with fiscal budgets, sales forecasts and company goals. Changes in market conditions and industries, roles unexpectedly opening up, and other elements may provide a variety of employment opportunities.


Need for Seasoned Talent

As experienced accountants retire, they take their knowledge, skills and experience with them. New accountants lack the industry knowledge and career development necessary to replace those employees. Combined with millennials’ desire to change companies every few years, executive-level accountants are in even greater demand.


Preparation for Your Job Search

The first quarter is a great time to network. People tend to have more time available to connect and are more relaxed. Also, you can follow your targeted companies on social media to get a sense of their hiring practices and timelines. You may be able to find a pattern or reach out to an employee about hiring cycles. Plus, you can stay updated on company announcements that may indicate potential openings, such as an expansion, a new product line or additional capital funding. Be sure to update your resume with your core skills, top achievements and most recent work experience, so you are ready to apply when an opening comes up.


Land Your Next Accounting Job in the Chicago Area

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