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The Best Accounting Jobs in Chicagoland

BY: admin | February 15, 2019

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Are you looking for a new accounting job in the Chicago area? Take advantage of the professional recruiting services offered by Marco & Associates. Our premier staffing firm will help you find a role you desire to advance your career. We take time to get to know your experience and what motivates you. We also provide insider information on employers and proactive coaching to help you achieve job and career success. Talk with us today to get started.


Greater Salary, Benefits, and Perks

Marco & Associates can negotiate greater salary, benefits, and perks with your next accounting job. Your skill set, accomplishments and years of experience combined with the shortage of accounting talent means employers are willing to pay more for qualified accountants. Employers often offer clear paths to earn bonuses, raises and advancement within the organization to attract employees. They also are more generous with their benefits and perks. In addition to health insurance and a retirement plan, many businesses offer additional vacation days, paid parental leave, student loan payback programs and other incentives. They may offer a flexible schedule, remote work options or gym memberships.


Growing Demand for Skills

Marco & Associates can place accounting professionals in jobs with a growing demand for specialized skills. For instance, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning are becoming increasingly important to both accountants and employers. Business analysts and management accountants highly skilled in project work, big data finance specialists and accountants who can support the transition of accountancy to a more digitized and automated future also are in high demand. Financial controllers and credit control securing a business’s cash flow are needed as well. Skills related to payroll and IT expertise in accounting are highly sought after, too.


Increased Professional Development Opportunities

Many jobs available through Marco & Associates offer increased opportunities for professional development. Because employers need accountants with specialized skills, they are willing to provide additional training for the right employees. As the reporting and regulatory side is becoming more automated, there are countless opportunities for candidates with current experience in data collection and analysis, understanding data and understanding how data works for a business. As accountants act more as business partners and advisors, data-driven business decisions will affect every aspect of the company.


Find the Best Accounting Jobs in Chicagoland Through a Boutique Staffing Agency

Find your next accounting job in the Chicago area through Marco & Associates. Our seasoned recruiters have the expertise needed to place you in a role that fits your professional and personal needs and interests. Get in touch with us today.