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Business Leadership Series: How to Determine and Grow Your Leadership Quotient

BY: admin | February 14, 2019

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When was the last time you determined your company’s collective leadership quotient? Leadership quotient measures one’s ability to develop trust, clarify purpose, align systems, and unleash talent. It is a sum of competence, character, capability, morality, and power. The more you know about your leadership quotient, the more effective you become as a leader who builds other leaders. The more leaders your business has, the stronger its success rate and growth potential.


How Healthy Is Your Core?

At your core lies your truth, including who you are and what your purpose is. Your core decides how you spend each day. A leader with a thriving core has a healthy view of themselves and their role in the world. They know what they want to accomplish and how they will set out to do so. A true leader knows their highest purpose and how to execute their vision and key priorities. They focus on doing the right thing, the things that matter, and take initiative in implementing ideas. A true leader continually grows, innovates and solves problems while pursuing excellence.


How Are You Helping Others to Thrive?

A true leader teaches everything they know about their job. Knowledge transfer involves teaching what to do, how to do it and why it is important. Knowing why people do things connects them to a larger vision. When people think outside their own job descriptions, they can help the company in other ways. An effective leader also listens to others. They are receptive to what people say and perceptive of what they are not saying. The issues that tend not to be talked about typically are the ones that need attention.


How Honest Are You?

Honesty is a key part of effective leadership. Telling the truth can be challenging, especially when it may cause embarrassment or hurt feelings, or the person may disagree with one’s perspective. For instance, when a manager meets with an employee for an annual performance review, the employee may have self-evaluated as exceptional whereas the manager evaluated them as needing improvement. The manager may have been telling the employee for months they have performance issues, but either sugarcoated them or provided excuses to explain away the true issue. Being direct while suggesting methods of improvement for the good of the employee is a much more effective way to lead.


How Impactful Is Your Influence?

A successful leader has an emotional impact on others. They get to know people on a personal level, including their fears, desires, challenges and goals. Great leaders serve others to show they care. They derive happiness from helping people and widening their circle of influence. Others seek mentorship and guidance from them.


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