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Should You Keep Your Eyes Open for Other Jobs While Employed?

BY: admin | February 1, 2019

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Even if you enjoy your work, you should be on the lookout for your next opportunity. Because everything in life is temporary, you never know what tomorrow may bring. The company could experience financial distress, go through a merger or acquisition, or eliminate your role or department. As a result, it is in your best interest to prepare today for what may happen tomorrow. Here’s why you should keep your eyes open to new opportunities:


Keep Your Options Open

When you look for a job while employed, you see which opportunities that interest you are available. As a passive job seeker, you come from a position of power. Since you do not need a job, your confidence at work is high. Because you maintain clarity during interviews, you are able to clearly answer questions and search for red flags that may signal a bad work environment. Connecting with employers is more fun because you already enjoy what you do. You can see what you are worth and whether you can earn more elsewhere. Employers know you have options, which makes you more in demand.


Plan for Tomorrow

As a passive job seeker, you are able to plan for tomorrow.  Even if you enjoy your job, things beyond your control may cause your circumstances to change. Your amazing boss may resign, get transferred or move. Your department may merge with another. Going on interviews will sharpen your skills and grow your network. Spending time outside the office and potentially accepting a job offer is a good investment in your day.


Interact With Your Network

Regularly communicating with your contacts opens you up to opportunities you may not know exist. Being employed means your skills are current, you are gaining experience daily, and you will be a good hire. Because a number of jobs are filled through word of mouth, you face less competition and increase your odds of being offered a position. If you are referred by an employee or know the hiring manager, your odds are even greater.


Advance Your Career

Because it would take a lot for you to change jobs, accepting a new role would likely include a significant pay increase and upgrade in job title and responsibilities. Because you are a passive candidate, you have more negotiating power for greater benefits and perks. You may be able to have a flexible schedule, work remotely or have additional time off. Leaving your job on good terms and taking on a new challenge is a positive event.


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